Creative Commons License

,,Revista Română de Sociologie” (The Romanian Journal of Sociology) applies to all published material the Creative Commons Licence “AttributionNoDerivs CC BY-ND”. Această licenţă permite distribuirea integrală şi fără modificări, comercială și necomercială, cu atribuirea dvs. ca autor.

Licenţa Creative Commons

According to its definition, “this license allows for redistribution [of the published material], commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to [the author]” (

NB: Publishers may restrict the re-use of open access content (to Non-Commercial or to Share Alike as described in the corresponding Creative Commons license attributes: NC and SA) and may even prohibit building upon content by not allowing Derivatives (the altering, transformation, or building upon content, as described in the corresponding Creative Commons license attributes: ND) to be made (for more info, please refer to section “2a) Copyright, Licensing, Publishing Rights” on

The journal applies the CC license to its published papers starting with the issue (1/2) of January 2016. The licensing information appear on the article abstract page, below the abstract and the list of keywords.

Within the PDF file for each article, this information is placed at the bottom of the first page.

For further information on the CC license, please contact us at: